We are India's first dairy farm to install a fully automated Rotary Milking Parlour, thanks to DeLaval. The quality of DeLaval equipment is top notch and they trained our team members really well for various operations and maintenance of equipment.”

The IB Group started its dairy farm way back in 2000 with just 10 animals and gradually grew to a stage where mechanization was inevitable. Considering the future possibilities, they then decided to start full-scale Commercial Dairy Farming and Milk Production on a larger scale.

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The IB Group

Chattisgarth, India

The IB Group





They approached DeLaval and ordered a 50 bail Rotary Milking Parlour with Automation in 2009. That’s how the Abis Dairy Farm was set up in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. This includes automatic cow identification, milk yield recording, sorting gate to separate cows, activity monitoring and many more types of automation. “Today, we milk more than 1500 cows thrice a day and it is possible only because of DeLaval’s Rotary,” says Dr. Mukesh Sharma, General Manager, “DeLaval’s superior installation and high quality equipment maintain the milk quality. We get data of all cows and parlour performance in Herd Management Software of DeLaval. Since 2009, there is not even a single day when milking stopped in the parlour due to a breakdown.”

Their team visited various countries to study how large sized dairy farms work and what equipment they use and found DeLaval’s presence in most of the renowned dairy farms.


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