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DeLaval Stationary Brush

Our basic stationary cow brush with two separate brushes features a fully moveable spring for good cow comfort during grooming.

  • Steel frame has one nylon brush for the upper arm and one for the vertical arm.
  • Installation height is 130 to 135 cm or approximately 2 cm below the height of the cow.
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(1) Prevents the spring from loosening (2) Moveable in any direction (3) Maintains brush in proper position and restricts it from turning sideways (4) Long life (5) Helthier animals


(1) Robust construction, galvanized steel, (2) Flexible horizontal brush that is long lasting, (3) Two comfortable brushes including a moveable horizontal brush, (4) Always available, and thereby promotes cleaner animals, (5) Spring forcefully pressed around the tube, (6) Flexible horizontal brush with spring, (7) High quality spring with maximum number of windings, (8) Special nylon brushes.

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