Water troughs

Availability of water at any time is essential. The water should be clean and tasty. DeLaval offers a full range of water solutions which support the water intake of your cow every second of the day. DeLaval water troughs are easy to install, to handle, to maintain and support especially the high productive animals on your farm – the cows!

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DeLaval stainless steel tip tanks (ST150, ST200 and ST250)

Provide high capacity water supply to animals. These tip tanks offer a large, calm drinking surface from which the animal can drink quickly and without stress. The units are very easy to clean and maintain. The water level of DeLaval water troughs is kept very low, so tipping the tank will spill just a small quantity. Instead of maintaining a deep water level, these tip tanks have a high capacity flow to give fast, high volume water supply. DeLaval tip tanks can be installed on a wall or are available as floor mounted versions. DeLaval also offers durable, well-proven, hygienic, long-lasting water bowls that provide years of reliable, trouble-free operation.

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DeLaval stainless steel tip tanks (ST150, ST200 and ST250)

Key Benefits


  • Automatic functioning
  • Large drinking surface


  • Saves water as well as manpower
  • Non-splash outlet gives the gentle flow cows prefer


  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Clean and fresh water

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