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Optimat management software (OMS)

Connecting to scale indicators on mobile and stationary mixers this software help progressive farmers improve profitability. It is a management tool that allows you to perform all programming for scale indicators in a PC environment. This feeding management program optimizes the benefits of TMR for maximum profit with minimal effort. OMS will give you control over what the mixer has been doing, tracking errors and costs. OMS works with scale indicators SI700 and SI800. OMS can be connected to one or several mixers on the same farm. The software has an intuitive web-user interface (based on the Internet Explorer browser). OMS provides information about components, groups, recipes and schedules, and is very easy to filter in the different menus. Rations can be regulated to compensate for forage moisture change, feed refusals or fluctuations in daily weather. Additional reports can be supplied according to individual demand. OMS can run without an internet connection; where there is access to the internet, remote controlled support is available.

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