No single cluster can meet all today’s dairy farming needs. That’s why DeLaval offers a wide range of designs, flow capacities, materials, liner assortments, weights and handling characteristics to meet your specific requirements.

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DeLaval milking cluster MC31 & MC31HD

Designed and engineered to deliver optimal performance from milking-to-milking for small to mid sized dairy operations. This all-round, no frills cluster features a 250 ml claw with a big milk outlet to handle milk flows efficiently and safely – minimizing unwanted cross-flows and milk plugs. It is simple to use and cost effective to operate. MC31 will meet the demands of most producers milking less than 12000 kg per lactation.

DeLaval milking cluster MC53

Engineered to handle high producing cows, this cluster is ideally suited to milking less than twelve hours per day. Designed to offer milker and cow comfort, DeLaval MC53 is lighter than conventional clusters. It combines stainless steel shells and patented DeLaval Top Flow technology to provide stable vacuum throughout milking. It’s fitted with DeLaval soft lip textured liners and nipple-less connections.

DeLaval milking cluster MC11

A well-proven, simple and low-cost combination, providing efficient milking on most cow breeds. The transparent claw is very easy to handle and allows you to see the milk flow to help reduce overmilking. MC11 gives efficient performance for small to mid-sized dairy operations. MC11 is a good choice for producers milking less than eight hours a day or with an annual production of less than 8000 kg per lactation.

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