Milk meters

DeLaval offers a complete range of ICAR approved milk meters, yield indicators and flow sensors that precisely measure your herd’s day-to-day milk production for optimised milk yield, milk quality, cow health and profitability. By showing you which cows are making you money and which ones are not, DeLaval milk meters deliver you a simple, efficient and accurate monitoring tool providing on the spot information about the health and milk quality of each individual cow.

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Milk meters


DeLaval milk meter MM15

This ICAR approved meter accurately weighs milk and is not sensitive to air or flow disturbance. Its transparent, robust construction is designed to allow the downwards flow of milk at all times and it can be fitted with a combi-cover. This safe milk recording and sampling device is easy to calibrate and service.

DeLaval milk meter MM27BC

The latest milk meter delivers you all the key data needed to optimise your herd management for better productivity and profitability. A highly accurate ICAR approved milk meter that also monitors blood traces in the milk, milk conductivity, air entry in the liners (kick-off, block and slip). Delivers you fast, on the spot milk yield monitoring and improved cow health control. Meeting the demands of dairy farmers around the world for a one-stop solution for sustained production efficiency, the DeLaval MM27BC milk meter harnesses infrared light technology to measure the flow of milk with extreme accuracy. The benefit is that this allows the milk to flow straight through, with no moving parts to restrict it. In addition, the lack of moving parts reduces, to a minimum, the risk of breakdowns.

DeLaval milk meter MM6

This easy to install and use milk meter is a manually operated tool for daily, weekly or monthly milk recording. Perfectly adapted to stanchion barns and all low-line parlours, DeLaval MM6 can be used as a mobile device when needed or remain in one place. A measured amount of milk is drawn into the plastic vessel during milking and the resulting information serves as a basis for herd management.

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