Milking points

DeLaval milking points deliver finger tip control. Efficient milking includes good pre-milking stimulation, reporting problem events like liner slips and kickoffs, and providing consistent accurate cluster removal at every milking point. DeLaval milking points enable comfortable yet streamlined routines with high cow flow, control udder health by delivering complete fast milk out, and have highly visible status indicators for full parlour control at a glance.

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Milking points


DeLaval Milking point MP580

Used as an integrated stand alone automatic cluster remover, this offers you efficient, simple and fast milking operation. The unit monitors milk yield, provides remote gate operation and indicates abnormal air entry into the cluster, when it is combined with DeLaval flow indicator FI7. With MM27BC and connection to DeLaval ALPRO™, MP580 supplies even more. It detects traces of blood and abnormal milk-out, and provides ICAR approved yield measurement and milk conductivity level, and records that data in the herd management software. DeLaval MP580 makes the link to DeLaval ™ and helps you to better manage your herd. You benefit from the interactive user interface, clear information such as “Don’t milk” or “Dump milk”, and it enables sorting of a cow from any milking point.

DeLaval Milking point MP680

This is the premium parlour user interface with DeLaval ALPRO™ herd management system which gives you full remote control of all other milking points. It is designed to run around the clock and to help you maximize production with a consistent, efficient milking routine. It offers all the functionality of DeLaval MP580, controlling the milking point for smooth milking and recording milk yield, and much more. It delivers more information and clearer alerts, e.g. feed alarm and ration or cow treatments, and enables many more active inputs on all milking points to parlour operations or into the ALPRO™ software. It combines well with DeLaval MP580.

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