Pulsation is the heartbeat of the whole milking system. DeLaval has a range of efficient pulsators designed to meet all needs, from the simplest to the most demanding.

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DeLaval pulsator HP101

This cost-effective pulsator provides a constant fixed pulsation rate and ratio with unique technology dampening. Unaffected by dirt, dust, temperature or humidity, the vacuum operated DeLaval HP101 does not require electricity. The unit functions with most DeLaval applications.

DeLaval pulsator EP100

The most sold electronic pulsator in the world. It works with the DMP master pulsator and offers precise individual pulsation for optimum animal comfort with maximum milking efficiency. A vacuum operated diaphragm means minimal wear while well proven technology offers resistance to temperature, humidity and dirt. It can be used with air filtration in dusty environments.

DeLaval pulsator HP102

The high performance, durable pneumatically operated pulsator has an adjustable pulsation rate and ratio to fit vacuum conditions in the milking parlour, pipeline or bucket milking system, and the needs of differing animal species. This vacuum operated pulsator is manufactured in tough, long lasting materials and functions without electricity. It is easy to install, meets the ISO standard for pulsators, and can cope with all difficult farm conditions.

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