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Cleaning milking equipment is a vital part of your daily routine. It is essential for maintaining top quality milk but is not something you want to spend time doing yourself, or supervising.

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DeLaval cleaning units


DeLaval cleaning unit C50

Takes care of cleaning in small and mid-sized installations. It is easy to install and operate. It can be used with any available wash trough. Just fill the detergent container with powder or liquid, push the start button and the cleaning process begins.

DeLaval cleaning unit C100E

Although more basic than the C200, this unit automatically takes care of cleaning your milking plant and is easy to use. The all-inone unit is easy to install and keeps your milk room looking neat. The C100E is available as a stand-alone unit requiring a separate wash trough, or with an integrated container. The latter unit is equipped with heating elements and is available with 40 litre, 80 litre or 160 litre containers

DeLaval cleaning unit C200

Supplied as one unit, allowing efficient installation, operation and monitoring. This fully programmable unit is electronically controlled, to provide a cleaning system that meets your exact milking plant requirements. This unit provides low running costs. The C200 is available in 40 litres, 80 litres, 160 litres and as a stand-alone unit. A wide range of accessories are available for the C200.

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