Vacuum system

The vacuum system is one of the key components in your milking system – providing vacuum for efficient milk extraction and transport, and for effective cleaning of the whole system.

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Vacuum system


DeLaval vacuum pump DVP

This direct-drive vane vacuum pump has no belt. It is reliable, efficient, and safe, with no exposed moving parts, and none of the worries of belt-driven pumps. Operation is more precise and tolerances are reduced, for constant vacuum and smoother running which uses less oil. The silencer/oil reclaimer collects up to 95% of oil for careful disposal and reduces air borne oil particles.

DeLaval variable speed drive NFO

The first variable speed drive in the dairy industry with a whisper-silent variable speed drive for vacuum pump – addressing the source of the EMC problem rather than the symptoms.

DeLaval variable speed drive VSD

A variable speed drive for DeLaval LVP pumps, automatically varies the pump’s speed to maintain an even and accurate vacuum level. With DeLaval VSD you can reduce your energy costs by up to 65% and extend your pump’s useful life. DeLaval VSD also reduces the noise level when you are milking or in the equipment room.

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP340

A direct-drive vane vacuum pump which is both costeffective and efficient. Thanks to modern vacuum technology it provides constant vacuum and smooth running. DVP340 Can produce 340 liters per minute or 410 liters per minute depending on the electrical grid.

DeLaval vacuum regulator MVR

This unit reacts quickly to the slightest vacuum changes thanks to a unique and patented valve design. The result is a stable vacuum level which results in good udder health. The air is filtered, improving the life of the vacuum pump and DeLaval MVR can be equipped with an optional silencer. Its capacity ranges up to 4000 l/min for a single unit and up to 12000 l/min with 1 or 2 slave option available.

DeLaval service mini-monitor SM100

Tells you, at a glance, what’s going on in your vacuum system. If the vacuum is high, you get a red flashing light. If too low, a purple light. But most of the time, you just see a green light – and then you know your vacuum is OK. If there is an alarm, the unit flashes up your DeLaval service technician’s telephone number as well as the bright red or purple light. The monitor also reminds you when it is time to do regular maintenance. And when to replace liners. A low cost monitor with a big payback – your peace of mind.

Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum pump capacity is vital for quality milk production, good udder health and cleaning milking systems. DeLaval vacuum pump oil maintains maximum performance in your vacuum pump. The quality and viscosity is well suited to the specic needs of your DeLaval vacuum pumps. It cost-effectively helps protect pump life, milking system and resultant profits.

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