Parallel Parlours

Up to 2,000 herd size mega farms

  • Fast-throughput and exceptional cow comfort
  • Operator friendly and integrated automation
  • Robust and reliable and fast installation
  • High safety for milkers and spacious turning area
  • Different capacity levels to suit needs of farms
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Our parallel parlours help you achieve fast throughput by ensuring animal traffic runs smoothly, milking equipment performs optimally, and milking is fast and effective. In this way, you can maximize throughput and milk yield, while minimizing costs per litre of milk. After all, throughput is the fast-lane to profitability.

Take full advantage of the complete and intelligent DeLaval Farm Management System. With ID, Milk Point Controllers, ICAR approved milk-meters and DelPro Herd Management software you'll have all data and analytics about your herd at your finger tips.􀀀 Alternatively start simply with the automatic cluster removers and milk yield indicators and over time upgrade to a more advanced system. DeLaval parlours put you and your animals at the heart of your dairy operation, regardless of the size of your herd.

Parallel Parlours


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