Teat dips

Good udder hygiene practices Should be an important part of the daily milking routine. Using the right udder hygiene products and tools will help you to maximize the effect of the mastitis prevention program. Hygiene should always be a high priority, particularly in the milking routine and during the most vulnerable days of the dry period. DeLaval offers a wide range of dips and sprays. Our iodine, chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide based products address a broad spectrum of mastitis-causing organisms.

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Teat dips



DeLaval LactiFence defends against and attacks mastitis-causing bacteria - helping to protect your productivity and prot. The defensive properties of LactiFence’s barrier lm prevents bacteria from entering the teat canal. The ready-to-use formulation of LactiFence makes application simple and fast. The high viscosity of the lm provides optimal teat coverage and enables drip-free application. An elastic lm seals the teat from infection for up to six hours after milking. This is the crucial period when the milk canal is still closing and is most susceptible to infection.

  • Prolonged Disinfection & Visible Barrier
  • Optimal Disinfectant
  • Teat Coverage
  • Skin Hydration and Care
  • No Residues & Mild Formula
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Teat dipping after milking with DeLaval Dipal Solution causes formation of protective lm around teat. It prevents microbes from entering the udder and thus protects cows from mastitis.

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