Udder hygiene

The best way to prevent mastitis is to take an ongoing approach to protecting udder health. This involves understanding the issues surrounding mastitis and developing a prevention program that suits your specific herd, location and operational circumstances. DeLaval provides a comprehensive range of milking systems and udder care products designed to help you achieve this.

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Udder hygiene


DeLaval Biofoam™

Combines Cleaning Improvement Technology (CIT) with a patented foaming solution of natural compounds, to optimally clean teats. This premilking hygiene treatment is specifically developed to give you high milk quality and animal health without compromise. DeLaval Biofoam keeps your cow’s teats soft, healthy and hygienic.

DeLaval textile udder towels

Combining hygiene textile towels with an efficient udder cleaner, helps ensure good cleaning of the teats and udder, plus stimulates milk let-down. The durable, soft textile towels should be cleaned after each milking in a washing machine, or disinfected in a solution like Trionet™ or DeLaval udder wash.

DeLaval eco paper EP1000

DeLaval Eco paper EP1000 is an 100% ecological food-grade paper, developed from recycled bricks, and carries the Ecolabel certification. The fibers used in this paper are very strong, resistant and absorbent, yet the paper is gentle and soft to the teats. The two-layered beige sheets are 25,5 x 35 cm and weigh 21,5 g/m2.

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