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DeLaval Mini Swinging Brush

The DeLaval mini swinging brush allows calves and/or goats to enjoy the same daily grooming benefits as the 4 million dairy cows worldwide that benefit from the original swinging cow brush.

  • Improve skin health
  • Increase social behaviour
  • Durable design
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DeLaval Mini Swinging Brush

Key Benefits

Improve skin health

Using the mini swinging brush can improve blood circulation and herd health, which increases overall well-being and reduces the risk of skin disease.

Grow with the herd

Adjustable for a variety of conditions including bedding thickness and herd growth. As the animals grow, the height can be adjusted to accommodate different ages and sizes.

Durable design

The mini swinging brush is designed to mount to a post or wall. The outer housing is made from strong, durable materials and is designed to withstand tough barn environments. The nylon brush bristles are made from a durable material, providing the optimal level of comfort for calves and/or goats while cleaning their coats and stimulating blood circulation.

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