Water troughs

Availability of water at any time is essential. The water should be clean and fresh. DeLaval offers a range of water solutions which support the water intake of your cows every second of the day. DeLaval water troughs are easy to install, to handle and to maintain.

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Water troughs


DeLaval stainless steel tip trough ST250

The round design of the stainless water trough gives the cows optimal drinking support and enhances the cow comfort level. The protection bar increases the life time of the product and protects farmers and animals from any injuries. The stainless steel trough is adapted for all type of loose housing barns and feed pads. The trough can be floor or wall mounted.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High capacity valve for fast water supply
  • 150 litre capacity

DeLaval Tip Trough T80 and T80XL

This high duty plastic tip trough comes in two different sizes. The food approved plastic and the steel frame ensures these troughs stand up to cow pressure and avoids injuries at the same time. The high capacity of the valves delivers an optimal amount of water to the cows. It is possible to mount the trough on either the wall or floor. Easy cleaning due to the rounded design The valve is placed, under cover, in the middle of the back of the trough so no extra drinking space is lost. An integrated handle helps to tip the trough without any big effort.

  • Constructed of impact resistant, resilient and durable polyethylene
  • The rounded trough allows for easy cleaning
  • The high capacity valve provides fast water supply
  • T80 is 80 litre capacity and the T80XL is 152 litre capacity

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