Cow Mattresses & Resting

DeLaval Oceania provides a range of resting solutions to meet your needs for cow comfort. The product range matches the level of investment you decide to make – from basic through to premium options.

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If the ground is hard, it may be painful for a cow to lie down, so she prefers to stand or only lay down in severe pain. In both cases, feed intake and milk production suffer. Our mats and cow mattresses catch the weight of the cow, providing comfortable conditions for healthy, happy and productive cows.

Cow Mattresses & Resting


DeLaval cow mattress M45R

Highest comfort for your milk cows. The latex foam mat forms the core of this premium mattress. It is wrapped in plastic film for protection against moisture and dirt. A seamless top layer made of durable new rubber (with fabric insert) is pulled over it. At the kerb edge, the top layer is fixed under a wide profile and turned over. At the head end, the top surface is fixed with fibreglass profiles and impact resistant anchors.

  • Seamless top cover
  • Rubber top cover for increased grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting

DeLaval cow mattress M40R

Designed to encourage your cows to lie down and rise up easily, so that they can behave as naturally as if they were out in the paddock. The rubber top cover offers the cow a seamless and anti-slip surface that is easy to clean. Optimum shock absorption is guaranteed by the latex foam mat.

  • Thickness: 30mm foam, 8mm rubber pad, 0.2mm plastic film
  • Durable and elastic for soft rest area
  • Seamless surface - easy to keep clean

DeLaval Cubicle Roll CR20

  • Especially useful for the resting areas of heifers and youngstock
  • With a 10mm conical stud on the underside, the cubicle roll allows free drainage to occur under the mat, and contributes to increased comfort
  • The hammer pattern on the top surface allows for a good foothold with good slip resistance and is easy to clean

DeLaval Sand Stabilizer DSS11

  • Excellent cow comfort is achievable with the use of sand bedding and installation of the Sand Stabilizer assists in the management of sand bedding
  • Improved hygiene of the resting area
  • Prevents hock lesions
  • Lessens the negative impact on equipment through reduced sand spillage

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