DeLaval feed table coverage

Cows like to eat from smooth, clean surfaces.

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial growth
  • May be ordered in different lengths and widths
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Simple, hygienic and efficient

Cows like to eat from a smooth, clean surface. But keeping the feeding table in good condition can be difficult. DeLaval can offer a solution so you can quickly transform a worn, flat feed table into a smooth, hygienic feeding place that is easy to clean.

Food approved product

DeLaval Feed Table Coverage is a food-grade product in a natural green colour that is totally harmless to cows licking on it. It is acid-resistant and durable, which keeps it clean. This reduces the risk of bacterial growth and makes the feed table easy to keep clean.

Easy to install

You can order the feed table coverage in the length and width you require. The assembly allows you to do this yourself quickly and easily or your Dealer can assist.

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