DeLaval VMS™ Series

DeLaval VMS™ is all about helping you make dairy farming more personal. More accurate. More profitable. With two models in the VMS™ series, we are able to treat each farm, each farmer, each cow, even each teat – individually – and to help you to create a better place to be for workers, cows, you and your families.

With VMS™ it all revolves around you

Taking a system approach – with you at the centre of everything we do. 

DeLaval’s voluntary milking systems are the cornerstone in our drive to help you produce more, with less. Offering better quality milk from healthier cows, while making it easier for you to enjoy better work-life balance. That is why we take a whole-farm approach, and with a history of dairy innovation dating back to 1883, it’s what we do better than anyone else. Put DeLaval VMS™ to work on your farm and not only will you be at the forefront of animal welfare and food safety issues, you will also be less reliant on future labour uncertainty. All of which will help you make dairy farming a profitable option now, and an appealing lifestyle and career choice for the years to come.

With two models available, the VMS™ series gives you options to create a voluntary milking process that best matches your needs and farming style. Both the VMS™ V300 and VMS™ V310 feature these core innovations that ensure your cows are milked to their full potential.

VMS™ series hero features:

InControl™ – Seamless user experience keeping you connected to your system wherever you are in the barn.

InSight™ – The most advanced camera and software combination delivers the fastest, smoothest milking.

PureFlow™ – The ultimate teat preparation delivered in its own individual cup.

RePro™ – A complete reproduction management tool incorporated seamlessly into the milking process. Exclusive to the VMS™ V310.

*Data collected on test farms and pilot farms. Data compared to DeLaval VMS™ Classic. Results may vary and are not guaranteed. ** Data from VMS V310 pilot farms.
  • 32% improvement in insemination rate**
  • more than 3500kg milk per day*
  • 10% higher capacity*
  • up to 50% faster attachment time*
  • 99.8% attachment rate*
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