“This whole exercise was meant to have taken us two seasons, and we’ve done it all in one season.”

When Chap Zweirs and Jack Scheres purchased Grangelands Farm, it was rundown and they knew they needed to build a new milking shed. For Jack, the answer was simple.


Tirau, New Zealand



Kiwi Cross



“I’ve seen a few DeLaval operations, and they’re working brilliantly, to me it’s a no brainer,” he says. They had a few specifications; their shed had to be one-man and had to have drafting, so they had DeLaval Rotary E100 built on their farm and the benefits have been huge.

 “Cows seem to like it. The staff like it,” says Chap.

 “Generally cow comfort comes first,” says Jack, “The cows adapted to it very well, within a week we were walking with just one person.”

Milker and IDD screen.jpg

“Cow-flow is amazing,” says Chap. “It identifies the cow as she comes in, it tells me milk production or milk loss as well, or draft automatically too. If it’s set in the parameters that it will draft anything that is low in milk it will do it for me.” The features of the DeLaval Rotary E100 have been more than suitable for Chap and Jack’s production needs.

 “You don’t need to be here all the time, so that’s the biggest thing for me, my wife loves it as well,” says Chap with a smile.

“This whole exercise was meant to have taken us two seasons, and we’ve done it all in one season.”

Our Solutions

Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that help Chap increase his productivity and improve animal welfare on Grangelands Farm.


DeLaval Rotary milking system E100

Everything we have learned over the last 130 years designing, building and installing dairy systems throughout the world applied to the unique challenges of the dairy farmer to create the ultimate rotary.

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Delaval sort gates DSG3

The combination of the DeLaval sorting gates DSG3 with the DelPro ™ herd management system provides an optimal, simple and economical solution for the reintegration, insemination, pregnancy control, vaccination and treatment of cows. This system allows a sorting of the cows into their respective group or even precise selection, without interrupting the cow traffic. The sorting takes place without stress for the animals and thereby with maximum throughput. A user interface also allows manual selection.

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