“Milk Chiller with Heat Recovery creates energy efficient shed"”

We know when we leave our shed at end of milking that nothing can go wrong, because the chilling is fast and accurate every time.


Wayne Shaw

Ngahinapouri, New Zealand

Wayne Shaw





Power used to be the second biggest cost for contract milker Wayne Shaw. When the farm he works on planned a new shed, he knew efficient cooling and heat recovery would be a critical long-term investment.

“The old mindset was ‘let’s just get compliant’, rather than ‘let’s get energy efficient.’ My take is let’s do both, because power’s not going to go down in price,” he said.

The farm installed a CWC60-A glycol chiller with Heat Recovery HRS500 and say it has delivered energy efficiency from day one. The instant snap chilling means milk is compliant at 5 degrees immediately following the first milking of the day.

“The tanker can literally turn up within a minute of the milk arriving in the vat and that milk is good to go,” he said.

Heat recovered from the chilling process is used to pre-heat water going into the shed’s boilers. It used to take upward of six hours to bring shed water up to a hot wash temperature of 80 degrees. Now, Wayne says, he turns the cylinder on before morning milking and it’s hot by the time cups are off. Water now goes into the boilers at 30 - 40 degrees Celcius, rather than the previously much colder 15 degrees Celcius.

“It’s so important for farm owners who are looking for the best staff to be thinking about power consumption and energy efficiency. For good staff who have their pick of work, they’re going to be looking for an energy efficient shed, they’re looking for best practise that reduces their costs and protects their milk quality.”

He’s also impressed with the small footprint of the cooling system.

“It’s compact, it’s tidy, and we’re so confident in the way it performs that we haven’t even bothered with vat monitoring because we know the chilling is so fast and the temperature is always the same 5 degrees.”

“Milk Chiller with Heat Recovery creates energy efficient shed"”

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