“Out of all the technology we have in the shed, this is the most exciting.”

The number of cows on Nicki and Peter Webster’s farm fluctuates between 1150-1170 and they’re always looking at ways to upscale their technology. In 2016, that meant the DeLaval Body Condition Scoring camera, and they’re more than happy with it.

Nicki & Peter Webster

Rakaia, New Zealand

Nicki & Peter Webster






“We didn’t actually monitor BCS before we got the camera installed - and now with the data we are finding out a lot of things about the herd.”

Using the system they were able to identify cows under BCS 4/3 up to mating and fed them 4kg grain each and a kg of molasses and monitor their milk yield. “Those skinny cows were producing 20% more milksolids than the average - whereas the fatter cows were producing 15% under average.”


The extra grain they gave them allowed them to produce more milk, while pushing the empty rate down, giving them an extra opportunity for profit.

“This is the piece of technology that I think can make the most difference to how we farm, especially as we continue to learn more about what it enables us to do.” 

“Out of all the technology we have in the shed, this is the most exciting.”

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DeLaval body condition scoring BCS

Accurate body condition scores enable better feed planning, which helps to ensure your cows have healthy body fat reserves. This promotes milk production, reproductive efficiency and cow longevity. DeLaval BCS camera eliminates the guesswork and the inaccuracies of manual evaluation.

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