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DeLaval original tubing

Tubing has many tasks to perform in dairy farming, without tainting or discolouring the milk. DeLaval tubing endures detergents and the tough farm environment. It includes a wide range of different materials and dimensions to suit all the different needs of dairy farmers.

  • Rubber, Silicone or PVC
  • Strong, yet pliant and easy to handle
  • Wide range of diameters to suit your farm
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DeLaval Original Rubber Tubing

Our milk tubing's composition is tested to not transfer any taste to milk, and the smooth surfaces help ensure efficient cleaning.

DeLaval Original Silicone Tubing

DeLaval silicone tubing stands out in many ways - it is among the toughest, longest-lasting tubing available. The main benefits include excellent tear resistance, high flexibility for optimal positioning of the cluster, and BfR and FDA food (milk) compliance. Our silicone tubing is smooth, easy to handle and easy to clean.

DeLaval PVC Tubing

PVC tubing is often used by farmers wanting a basic and reliable solution. If you want to see the milk flow, transparent PVC tubing may be what you are after. It is highly flexible and fits DeLaval milking equipment perfectly.

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