DeLaval highlights Chinese dairy industry challenges accompanying Swedish Minister’s visit to Beijing

By travelling to China, Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs, Eskil Erlandsson, is taking the next step to improve Swedish export of food and food technology to the Chinese market. In his upcoming visit to Beijing and surrounding areas, the 23rd -25th January, DeLaval, among others, is contributing with knowledge and insights regarding the Chinese dairy market and to show how Sweden is well positioned to support the expansion of the dairy industry in China.

“I am happy to see that it is well recognised by the Ministry of Rural Affairs that the Swedish companies within, for example, the dairy industry, are successful on the Chinese market. Our ambition participating in the visit is to make the Minister aware of the importance of knowledge sharing in order to deliver sustainable and qualitative milk to a growing number of end consumers.” says Joakim Rosengren, President and CEO, DeLaval International.

DeLaval has organized a seminar with some of the leading dairy processors in China to present a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities. Key representatives from Huaxia, Nestlé and Mengniu will participate in the event that take place Friday 25th.

In the last decade the production of milk in China has risen by more than 400% from 8 million tons in 2000 to 36.5 million tons by 2011 and estimated to be 80-90 tons by 2025. Being involved in the development of the Chinese dairy industry calls for responsibility and know-how and both quality and sustainable solutions are crucial for the industry to remain on a steady growth path without any setbacks. To address food safety concern and productivity, the dairy farming industry is also quickly consolidating into big farms, very often more than thousand cows and in some cases over 5000 cows on one site. It is estimated that by now there are almost 3000 large scale farm in China with 1000 cows or more. Today, China is considered as one of the most important markets in world regarding dairy production.

DeLaval entered China as early as 1979 and is today the leading provider of equipment, consumables and services to Chinese dairy farmers. DeLaval is working with all the major local and global dairy processors in China, as well as actively collaborating with the Chinese authorities, universities and other actors to find optimal ways to produce milk in Chinese conditions. The focus of DeLaval in China is to contribute in the vast task of modernizing the milk production, increasing the milk quality and yield, and in developing the dairy farming knowledge and competence in China.

As a next step in the development, DeLaval is currently introducing automatic milking systems and herd health/performance systems to the Chinese market to improve the milk quality, animal health and herd productivity. Part of supporting the Chinese dairy industry DeLaval promotes more sustainable solutions that are more energy efficient, use less water and improve feed efficiency. Additional, that deal more effectively with manure and effluent management and help farmers plan right from the start for more profitable and productive farms.

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