Robust work wear

Made specifically for working on farms and based on our many years of experience in the milk production industry. When you wear DeLaval work wear, you will notice the difference

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Introducing DeLaval work wear

Working on a dairy farm puts heavy demands on clothing. You are exposed to the elements, performing tasks that range from gentle to hard physical work. The new DeLaval work wear range meets these demands comfortably.

Protection and comfort without compromise

DeLaval designed clothing for the way you work, incorporating material that is both tough and comfortable. DeLaval clothing gives you the flexibility to move freely, protection to stay clean and dry, and durability for the most rugged environments. DeLaval outerwear is reinforced with CORDURA® fabric where you need it most: knees, elbows and pockets. This is complemented by high-durability elastic that lets you move freely. For extra safety at dawn and dusk, reflective panels provide clear visibility front and back. Getting dirty goes with the job, so the material we use in our outerwear is both water and stain resistant. Simply wipe it off and keep working.

Looking great never hurts

The barn is no fashion show, but when you and your team look and feel professional, it’s easier to engage with what you do. While the latest fashion might not mean much to cows, it matters when choosing work wear you will use for years to come.

Robust work wear


DeLaval winter jacket

This two-layered light weight jacket lets you feel comfortable in the deepest winter. Thick and weather resistant top coat has a hidden hood and covered pockets to keep you and your things safe. And when it gets warmer, it is easy to remove the fleece underneath. Staying true to the stylish look of DeLaval clothing line, it is also easy on the eyes.

DeLaval working jacket blue

Stay warm and dry inside and out. The DeLaval working jacket combines durability with comfort and is made from a breathable stain and water resistant material. Ergonomically designed sleeves and stretch zones in the back and shoulders provide freedom of movement. For extra support at the main pressure points, elbows are reinforced with CORDURA® fabric.

DeLaval insulated softshell jacket

Block out the cold with this softshell jacket made from soft and comfortable material that is also windproof and water resistant. To keep you warm inside, the sleeves and body are padded with insulation. The ergonomic design provides maximum freedom of movement without unnecessary bulk. Side pockets are protected with waterproof zippers. Internal pockets can fit a small tablet and a smartphone.

DeLaval high-functional T-shirt

Work wear that is comfortable and practical starts with a good base layer. Our high-functional t-shirt looks good and feels great. It is 100% micro polyester, so your body can regulate its temperature without sweat build-up.

DeLaval milking overall

This overall is specially designed to keep you warm and dry in wet conditions. Its sleeve ends and everything down from the waist are covered with an additional water resistant layer and triple cuffs will make sure no water runs down your sleeve. Equipped with comfortable pockets and an elastic back piece, this overall offers the best support for a milker’s hard work. Yet, you won’t have to choose between all the practical details and style as this has it all.

DeLaval classic overall

This overall can be worn by itself or on top of your clothes. It keeps you warm and clean since there are no openings for dirt and cold to get in. This long-lasting overall features knee pockets for extra comfort and CORDURA® reinforcements for added durability. An elastic zone in the back provides excellent freedom of movement and there are plenty of pockets.

DeLaval easy dress overall

This overall can work by itself or on top of other clothes for extra protection and better hygiene. It features double zippers from feet to neck. This makes putting it on and taking it off as easy as unzipping and stepping out – without even having to remove your shoes. An elastic zone in the back provides excellent freedom of movement and double sleeves keep you dry and comfortable.

DeLaval suspender overall

We’ve got your back. Suspender overalls that give you maximum protection with the flexibility to move. The material used is stain and water resistant and incorporates CORDURA® reinforced kneepad pockets. The ergonomic contour design gives you freedom of movement for comfort in any position with the added support of elastic straps for all-day comfort.

DeLaval working trousers men

Long-lasting trousers that let you get down to business. DeLaval working trousers are designed to maintain comfort and freedom of movement no matter what position you are in. Reinforced with CORDURA® fabric at stress points, these trousers are built to last. They have kneepad pockets allowing you to add extra cushioning when needed.

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