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DeLaval feed fence DS-HD

DeLaval feed fence DS-HD is a strong and durable solution in our feed fence range. DeLaval DS-HD is specially designed to help prevent waste, to prevent food stuff being spilled in the alleys. The diagonal design encourages cows not to toss feed into the alley which facilitates easier manure handling. The bolted solution gives flexibility in neck width and feeding space per animal.

  • Low feed spillage
  • Flexible installation
  • Strong and durable design
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DeLaval feed fence DS-HD

Key Benefits

Low feed spillage

The design of the diagonal pipes prevents the cows from dragging feed into the alley at the feed table. This lowers the feed spillage and prevents feed from hampering the manure handling.

Flexible installation

The DS-HD feed fence can easily be adapted to cow size, with a bolted clamp attached to a horizontal upper and lower pipe.

Strong and durable design

The DS-HD feed fence is attached to a 2" horisontal pipe, and a heavy duty version of the DS feed fence. Therefore it is more suited to large animals and beef cattle.

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