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DeLaval feed fence HL10

DeLaval feed fence HL10 has a head-lock unit as its base. This flexible feed fence is bolted together, so it is adjustable to suit the size of your cows and the width of the feeding place. DeLaval HL10 can be fitted in a straight or leaning position and can easily be installed in existing barns or maternity pens. The head-lock is strongly constructed with a locking pipe and single bearing. Moving parts are made to work efficient and silent and is also provided with a transponder collar protection.

  • Modular units of head-locks
  • From calves to grown animals
  • Easy operation
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DeLaval feed fence HL10

Key Benefits

Modular units of head-locks

The bolted, modular units give a flexible installation, and makes it easy adapt to different setups. This also makes it easy to install together with other feed fences.

From calves to grown animals

The design of the head-locks are similar for young stock and grown animals, which gives the animals a chance to learn how to operate them, and get comfortable with being locked in at an early age. To fit different animal sizes the HL10 are available in three versions; the HL10-HD for big and heavy animals; the HL10 for smaller cows and big heifers; the HL10 for young stock.

Easy operation

The control unit allows the user to operate a whole section of feed fences, locking or unlocking a whole group of animals. The user can also release a single animal.

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