Cow mats and mattresses

DeLaval provides a range of mattresses to meet your needs for cow comfort. The product range matches the level of investment you decide to make – from basic, to standard, through to premium.

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Cow mats and mattresses


DeLaval cow mattress M45S

Premium comfort and hygiene provided by thick latex foam and a flexible synthetic upper. The mattress is hard-wearing and has shown good durability in field-testing.

DeLaval cow mattress M40R

DeLaval cow mattress M40R is designed to encourage your cows to lie down and get up easily, so that they can behave as naturally as if they were out in the pasture.

DeLaval cow mattress M40SB

Mattresses in stanchion barns are subjected to constant day-in, day-out use. DeLaval cow mattress M40SB has been specially developed to provide both heavy-duty durability, long lasting comfort and easy cleaning.

DeLaval Cow Mat RM21S

Stanchion barns put extra demands on cow mats – literally. The DeLaval cow mat RM21S is especially designed to meet these demands with tough material, a high comfort level, optimal protection and hygiene.

DeLaval Cow Mat RM15

This soft rubber mat is designed for use in stanchion barn. The channels on the mat’s underside provide drainage and elasticity. The mat encourages cows to stand during defecation and urination.

DeLaval Cow Mat RM30F

This 30 mm thick first-class rubber mat is designed to keep your cows comfortable when rising up or lying down in loose house cubicles. It features high quality rubber foam that is inserted into the front part of the underside to provide extra softness and shock absorption. Another feature on the underside is the durable stud design making it comfortable for your cows. DeLaval cow mat RM30F has a built-in slope at the back end to facilitate urine drainage. The edge of the cow mat that faces the alley is solid in order to prevent dirt from accumulating under it. The DeLaval unique triangle pattern on the top surface ensures a non-slippery, easy-to-clean surface. For simple installation, every mat is provided with three pre-drilled holes in the front. The holes are all counter sunk so mounting plugs fit perfectly and will not hurt the cow when she is standing or resting.

DeLaval Pen Mat PM30P

Water-proofed pen mat specifically designed to make the surfaces of calf and maternity pens comfortable. This all-around puzzled mat is based on EVA mat technology, using extra thick and durable material for painless lying down and rising. Anti-slip surface and quick installation.

DeLaval Cow Mat CM20-25

Millions of trapped air bubbles make up over 80% of the volume to absorb pressure, especially when cows lie down. The rest comprises of EVA.

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