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Animals enjoy spending time outside the barn in rain or sunshine and this activity represents labour-free animal welfare. It is also easier to monitor conditions like heat or locomotion score outside the barn. DeLaval offers strong and safe pen partitions for efficient outdoor animal containment.

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Fences & gates


DeLaval lifting gate

This versatile gate offers considerable flexibility to assist with cow traffic. It provides an easy way to guide cows, or to make temporary groups at milking time. DeLaval lifting gate is an easy-to-attach hinged barrier to close an alley or cross an alley in the barn temporarily to guide the cows when, for example, going to the parlour.

DeLaval telescopic gate

A good solution for easy grouping of animals in a loose housing barn. The telescopic gates have two or three horizontal two-inch and 1½ inch pipes. The 2-pipe gate is available from 1,4 m up to 5,0 m, the 3-pipes gate is available from 2,0 m up to 7,5 m. Optionally, a 3-pipes gate with manopening is available in the length of 3,4 m up to 6,4 m. Wall and/or post fittings are available in several optional executions.

  • Easy handling
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible length and installation

DeLaval telescopic gate and partition TGP4

DeLaval horizontal gate TGP4 with four pipes is a robust and rigid solution to create groups in the free stall barn. It is available as gate or partition wall. It fits well both for beef cows and dairy cows.

  • Robust and light weight
  • Improves working environment
  • Flexible

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