Manure Separator

Manure treatment for long-term profitability

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DeLaval manure separator

Optimise your resources.

  • High capacity with average 25-30m3/h
  • High performance solid with DM up to 30-35% and consistence quality
  • Robust structure design for high reliability
  • Efficient and simple installation
  • A full range of sizes and configurations to match the requirements of any size farm
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DeLaval manure separator

Key Benefits

Make manure treatment profitable

  • Reduce storage space
  • Compost solid can be recovered as good fiber bedding material
  • Compost solids can be manufactured into commodity fertilizer

Robust structure design for high reliability

  • Coating treatment with a mixture of tungsten carbide and metallic matrix that ensures high hardness and low brittleness.
  • A front bearing structure provides a perfect guide for the screw and minimize the wear of screen
  • Planetary gearbox reduces energy consumption and longer gear life

Easy operating and less maintenance

  • Top inspection window for quick and easy checking screen
  • System of three lip seals with grease for a secure seal between the screw press separator and the gearbox.
  • Inspection window make leakage checking easily

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