Hydraulic transfer pumps

DeLaval hydraulic pumps transfer manure over a distance. Strong and reliable, it has the hydraulic power to steadily and relatively quietly pump manure over hundreds of metres.

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DeLaval transfer pump SP480

A hydraulic piston pump, designed to pump liquid manure from barn to storage. If you have to transfer manure a long distance, choose this solution. The typical system used in reception pits up to 3 metres (10 feet) deep, with DeLaval propeller agitator PA to chop and homogenize the manure before and during pumping. Designed to pump liquid manure from barn to storage up to a maximum distance of 350 metres. The pump is strong, reliable and relatively quiet. Though it needs liquid manure to work well, the system can be designed for use with bedded manure if a water return line from the main storage pit is included in the system.

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