DeLaval VMS™ Supra+

DeLaval VMS™ Supra+ comes with all the standard VMS features and the most advanced pregnancy detection and health identification system on the market. It will inform you if a cow is in heat, even the silent heats, and is at risk of developing clinical or subclinical mastitis or ketosis before any signs of sickness.

  • All the benefits that come with DeLaval VMS™
  • Identify 95% of heats
  • Achieves significant improvements in pregnancy rates
  • Early indication of mastitis and ketosis
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DeLaval VMS™ Supra+

Key Benefits

Confirm Pregnancies

95% of the heats are identified - including silent heats - which means you do not have to visually detect heats in the barn. DeLaval VMS Supra+ will give you a list of cows that are in heat and should be inseminated. You also get a useful health check because the system shows follicular and luteal cysts and abortions, and confirms that cows are pregnant.

Optimize Herd Performance

Get rid of clinical and even subclinical mastitis, by acting before the cow shows symptoms of illness and production drops. Optimize feeding by adjusting energy balance in feed and achieving maximum production with healthy cows. DeLaval VMS Supra+ provides accurate information to support you in your daily decisions.

Improve Fresh Cow Health

The VMS Supra+ informs you if a cow is in danger of mastitis three days before you notice any physical symptoms. You can rely on the system and act before the production decreases and before you need to contact the vet and use antibiotics. All this is done automatically and is presented on a compiled list in DeLaval’s DelPro™ Farm Manager, you just have to follow the actions that VMS SUPRA+ recommends that you do. This saves time and increases your farm profitability.

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