Cleaning and control units

DeLaval cleaning and control solutions for milk cooling tanks, are built with you in mind. Our wide range of user-friendly solutions can clean your tank powerfully with just the push of a button.

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Cleaning and control units


DeLaval Cleaning and Control Unit T10

Cleans with cleaning water circulation and has a standard automatic liquid detergent dosing unit. Can be equipped to any closed tank from the DX range up to 18 000 litres.

DeLaval Cleaning and Control Unit T10S

Like DeLaval T10 but can fit most existing cooling tanks and adapts high technology cleaning to common bulk tanks. Saves water and energy, especially with older tanks.

DeLaval Cleaning Unit and Control Unit T100 & T20

Cleans the tank with cleaning water circulation using individually programmable cleaning parameters.

DeLaval Cooling Controller T3

The DeLaval cooling controller T3 gives you complete control of your cooling tank’s daily operations. The innovative unit controls the milk temperature, agitation and cooling time according to today’s high standards. The unit can be mounted on the wall in the milk chamber.

  • Milk temperature control
  • Agitation control
  • Cooling time control
  • Delayed start first milking
  • Co-operates with cleaning unit

Cleaning control unit T300

Our cleaning system T300 is fully programmable for every farm. Equipped with a user-friendly display. The T300 provides full control of the cooling and cleaning process.

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