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DeLaval Cooling Tank DXCR

DeLaval cooling tank DXCR is a value-formoney, standard line of tanks commonly known as a very reliable product and is now also available in 8000, 10000 and 12000 litre capacities. The new tanks feature a non-concentric design which allows for more space at the bottom for a thicker layer of foam: with more insulation under the evaporator, energy losses have been reduced. The evaporator has been re-designed with improved dimensions, channels and flow of refrigerant. The new design also ensures that 99% of the working surface of the evaporator is now utilized. Together, these improvements result in better cooling performance (2BII class confirmed) and lower energy consumption. The smooth inner surfaces of the tanks are cleaned automatically with T-sprayer technology for a high level of hygiene and high trade-in value. DeLaval DXCR gives you very good cooling performance in an efficient, value-for-money package. DeLaval

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