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DeLval Silo Tank DX3S

Smarter storage for farms with robotic milking As tanks get bigger, there’s a need to protect the quality of the first litres of milk that enter the empty tank. The evaporators in DeLaval DX3S feature a unique lateral configuration that ensures milk quickly covers an entire evaporator plate for efficient heat transfer. More

  • Gentle mixing
  • Low costs for agitation
  • Excellent whenever you want
  • Service whenever you want
  • Over-flow protection
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DeLval Silo Tank DX3S

Key Benefits

Gentle mixing

Splashing at low volumes, which can damage milk quality, is prevented thanks to automatically controlled two-speed mixing.

Low costs for agitation

The lower mixing speed helps cut energy consumption on average by 20%.

Excellent insulation

Never less than 50 mm on tank walls and uniquely thick insulation at base of tank help minimize energy costs even more.

Service whenever you want

Thanks to an extra manhole on top of the tank, you can service the T-sprayer even with milk inside the tank and without stopping robotic milker.

Over-flow protection

When the tank is 90% full it instructs DeLaval VMS to stop milking, while alarming personnel about tank status.

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