Cow movers

Moving your cows from the holding pen to the parlour is a straight forward operation with DeLaval cow movers. The cow movers provide reliable service and offer many timesaving features for use on all dairies.

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Cow movers


DeLaval Cow Mover M

Crowd gate for smooth cow traffic

  • For smooth and continuous cow flow into the parlour
  • Less stress for the cows and safer operation
  • No interruption in your milking routine

The Herdsman HRS cow mover

Custom-built to your holding area specifications. A unique feature is the vertical lifting gate - the pipe rails lift straight up, allowing cows to pass under.

The Usher HRS cow mover

DeLaval cow mover Usher is our premium offering to keep cows at the entrance of the parlor, ready to enter.

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