Bucket milking

DeLaval offers milk production solutions designed to meet your current needs and allow for future expansion.

  • Increase your profitability The DeLaval mobile milking unit MMU, enables you to milk between eight and ten cows per hour with just one bucket.
  • Increased animal health Changing from hand to machine milking has many benefits – faster milking due to improved routines and better milk let down.
  • A flexible solution The mobility of the DeLaval mobile milking unit is ideal for today’s bucket milkers.
  • Mobile and Robust


DeLaval bucket milking system BMS is a useful standby unit on any dairy farm, for milking a fresh cow, a sick cow, or a cow separated out for treatment.

  • Designed specifically for milking “special attention” cows
  • Includes a 25-30 litre plastic or stainless steel bucket.
  • Milking faster and better than hand milking
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DeLaval BMS is a complete bucket milking module designed specifically for milking “special attention” cows. It includes a 25-30 litre plastic or stainless steel bucket.

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