“Its rapid exit function really speeds up milking time.”

Being able to offer quality milk is one of the most important tasks for any dairy farmer today. Fisher Farms, in St. Thomas, Pennsylvania, with its 350 cows, knew that only too well when they started looking for help to ensure premium milk quality and productivity.


Fisher Farms

St. Thomas, PA, USA

Fisher Farms





Fisher Farms found a solution in DeLaval DelPro™ which now helps them manage the farm. They also introduced Blockade™  and Prima™ special teat dips to ensure the milk quality stayed high. 


Milking is done at a double-14 Herringbone parlor featuring arm take-offs to reduce slips and fall-offs as well as about 20% of the routine work.  The take-offs are considered a necessity to this impeccably managed farm. But the parlor has also made things a lot more efficient for the milking team. “Its rapid exit function really speeds up milking time,” says Steve Fisher, owner of Fisher Farms.

“This is the third DeLaval parlor we’ve owned and each one has been an improvement,” adds Fisher. The farm has been using DeLaval products since 1970.

 “We turn to DeLaval because we know we can rely on them. We’ve always been extremely happy with the service they provide”, says Fisher.

To an outside observer, the perfect farm is truly a sight to see. “Dairy has always been a part of who I am – it’s in my blood,” says Fisher. ”My brothers and I take great pride in properly managing our farm. We’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. We just want to make our late father proud.”

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