“We were building 80-stall parlors but needed something bigger and faster”

High-performance operations need high performance equipment and for Meadow Star Dairy, that means a rotary that can milk more than 100 cows simultaneously in order to get the most from the herd.


Meadow Star Dairy

Pennock, MN, USA

Meadow Star Dairy





Meadow Star Dairy, owned and operated by Riverview LLP, in Pennock, Minnesota is an 8,800-cow farm, shipping a tanker of milk every three hours for a total of half a million pounds of milk a day. 


The farm started milking in October 2015 by using a 106-stall DeLaval rotary.  Twice a day the cows enter the milking parlor and stand on their slow-moving merry-go-round. High producers are being milked three times a day.

“At the time, the competition did not offer anything bigger, so we toured multiple farms with large DeLaval rotaries. Everyone we spoke to had good things to say about them, so it’s wasn’t a real hard choice,” says Lyle Grimm, project manager.

A key component for milking a big amount of cows is a long-lasting solution. DeLaval provides routine service checks to keep the equipment working optimally, which has made Meadow Star’s farm work perfectly every day.


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