Fly control

Flies are a major concern for the dairy farmer. They can cause a significant fall in milk yield, spreading a number of different diseases. In addition, modern methods of dairy farming often provide an ideal breeding environment for flies.

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Fly control


Aptaor™ PRO Adulticide

Flies are a very real concern for dairy farmers. They cause serious problems as carriers of contagious diseases and parasites. This leads to stressed and sick cows. The result? Reduced yield, high treatment costs and significant financial strain. Now, with Aptaor™ PRO Adulticide and Aptaor™ MET Larvicide and Aptaor™ PYR spray, you can set up your own no-fly zone.

Aptaor™ MET Larvicide

This granular larvicide should be spread dry. Aptaor™ MET Larvicide contains S-methoprene, Larvae that will absorb or be in contact with the active will develop into pupae but will never develop into flies. Aptaor™ MET Larvicide prevents larvae from becoming flies – and damaging your profits.

Aptaor™ PYR spray

Aptaor™ PYR spray is effective in eliminating flies and other flying insects from the house, barn and other places of the dairy farm. Pyrethrin, the active used in Aptaor™ PYR spray has been used effectively to control insects for decades and is non-persistent, decomposing rapidly in the environment. This rapid degradation of pyrethrum has resulted in little known cases of insect resistance making it an excellent choice for the control of insects in a wide variety of settings.

DeLaval Glue Traps

DeLaval glue traps DeLaval glue traps use very strong, natural glue to catch flies. The patented design of these curtains and sheets attracts flies even at dusk thanks to its 3-D pattern and colours.

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