Rubber coverage

Providing comfortable, slip-resistant surfaces for cows to walk on facilitates natural cow behavior. When allowed a choice, cows often prefer to stand or walk on a rubber surface rather than on concrete.

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Rubber coverage


DeLaval alley coverage R18P

It isn’t a mystery how to make your alley floors more comfortable. With the interlocking puzzle mat from DeLaval it is easy to fit resilient rubber flooring into any open alleys. You’ll see the difference when your cows walk with long, confident steps. Cows in heat are easier to spot when they move more comfortably.

  • Good grip and good drainage
  • Flexible interlocking system

DeLaval Rotary Coverage HBRC and PRC

DeLaval herringbone rotary coverage HBRC and DeLaval parallel rotary coverage PRC are made to last, DLG approved, and the only rubber coverage custom made for DeLaval HBRC, PR2100 and PR3100HD rotaries. The many benefits include faster cow entry and exit, which helps to speed up your milking time – and much less noise in the parlour than when cows walk on steel decks. Comfortable slipresistant footing provides for better hoof health. Rubber coverage is also very easy to clean, which saves you even more time. And because DeLaval rotary coverage is specially designed for DeLaval rotary platforms, you get a custommade fit that lasts. NEW

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