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DeLaval Remote farm connection RFC

With the remote farm connection, RFC, you can securely connect your DeLaval milking equipment to the internet for the very first time.

  • Secure access
  • Remote support
  • Access on-the-go
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DeLaval Remote farm connection RFC

Key Benefits

Secure access

It comes as standard with an antivirus package that protects the farm computer from viruses, malware and spyware, and it’s quick and easy to install, thanks to a preconfigured router that makes sure the network is set properly.

Support access

With RFC, the DeLaval remote Support Team can instantly access, view and analyse diagnostics to get a complete overview of your system. They can then advise you if a problem can be easily resolved or, should they decide a service visit is required, the service technician will be fully briefed on the situation, thus speeding up the service process.

Personal access

You can also remotely access your equipment via an app on a smart phone or the internet. This means that, depending on the level of automation in your system, you can follow the production levels of your cows, see where they are in the barn, or find out who is up next for milking. What’s more you can do it from the comfort of your home, or while you’re away for business or on vacation.

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