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DeLaval activity meter system

Improving reproduction performance, heat detection and health. Monitoring your cows is an essential part of modern dairy farming. A cow’s daily movements tell you a lot about its current heat and health status.

  • Improve reproduction performance & heat detection
  • Reduce reproduction costs
  • Identify cows in early stage of ill health
  • Possible to use also in non-milking animals (ie. heifers or dry cows)
  • Wireless antennas, powered by solar panels, to fit pastures and large farms.

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Wireless antennas increase its capacity in large farms or pastures

DeLaval is very proud to increase the Activity System capacity to match the needs of large farms and pastures based systems, through the implementation of wireless antennas powered by solar panels. Due to this innovation it is possible to keep tracking your cows in very large areas.

Keeping the 24/7 records of the activity for each cow is essential to secure real time information whenever you want to check it in your DelPro reports.

With the DeLaval Activity Meter System and DelPro Farm Management system, important activity information can be instantly relayed to you on individual cow behavior, no matter how large your farm is. It is also possible to use the DeLaval Activity Meter System in non-milking animals (ie. heifers and dry cows). DelPro Farm Manager allows combining the activity data with much more information coming from other DeLaval sensors (as milk meters), this is a very powerful tool to boost your farm to the next level of productivity.

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