DeLaval install first E100 Rotary in UK

Cardiff, Wales, Wed 17th July– The NEW E100 Rotary milking system, which was launched last summer, has now been installed in the UK at Bodrach Farm, Llanrwst, Wales.

This first installation was completed by DeLaval dealer Dairy-Scope Ltd at the Owen family farm in Llanwrst installing a 40 unit E100 Rotary. Emyr Owen has recently switched from beef & sheep to dairy to help improve farm income.

Emyr has a herd of 400 cows on a grazing system. Cow comfort and labour efficiency and build quality were the main factors considered before investing in a DeLaval E100 rotary.

"We wanted to put the cow & staff first – A parlour with good cow flow and attractive to staff. 400 cows under 2 hrs comfortably with 1 person doing the milking."

"You could see this parlour is built to last. The build quality is really what blew us away!”


DeLaval Rotary Milking System E100

“The DeLaval E100 Rotary has been designed around the customer’s and the animal’s needs.  It has been designed as a complete milking system focussing on cow flow, cow comfort, efficiency and comfort for the milker. Combined with DelPro™ herd management software it really offers the farmer complete control of his herd making it easier for him to make management decisions. When working in conjunction with the unique DeLaval teat spray robot (TSR™), it is incredibly labour efficient when labour is becoming increasingly challenging for dairy farmers.”– Gary Edwards CMS Solutions manager. 

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