Thinking Bigger?

Are you thinking bigger and considering to expand your farm to prepare for future demands? We understand increasing farm profitability is a daily challenge which is also dependent on work efficiency, the health of your animals and the food safety of your milk. DeLaval has the right systems to think big! Whether it's switching to automatic milking or something more conventional, we have a team ready to help tailor a solution that fits you best.


Lets think big together

Over the years we have helped thousands of farmers and investors from across the globe, assisting them with everything from herd planning, feeding facilities, barn layouts, milk parlour or rotary sizing and system planning. Planning and design of dairy farms is also a large part of our services regardless of the scope of the project.

From the starting point of how you want to manage your farm, our experts look at your existing or proposed set-up and carry out an in-depth analysis in order to provide a complete roadmap for your future operations because after all, with DeLaval it all revolves around you.




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