Ventilation fans

An effective ventilation system should help to reduce heat stress, increase yield, and clear the air in your barn. As every barn is different, DeLaval offers a range of purpose built dairy fans in different sizes, blade configurations and power levels to suit different barn layouts.

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Ventilation fans


DeLaval dairy fan DDF1200

The unique frame design of DeLaval dairy fan DDF1200 helps to push air-stream further, achieving a greater cooling effect with less energy than conventional fans. The highly efficient IE3 electrical motors, coupled with the ability to alter blade configurations to suit different airflow requirements, deliver the optimum balance between efficiency and performance. The durable, corrosion-resistant fan is both easy to install and easy to maintain.

  • Greater cooling effect thanks to unique design
  • Energy efficient
  • Customizable for different airflow requirements

DeLaval dairy fan DF710

A quiet, easy to maintain fan with a diameter of 710 mm generating fresh air around your animals to prevent heat stress. Easily installed along cubicles rows, feeding tables and in the holding area. Provides a maximum airflow of 16 400 m³/h.

  • Less heat stress in summer
  • Fewer flies in the barn
  • Low noise level

DeLaval dairy fan DF500

Dairy fan specifically designed to create a cool and comfortable environment for animals in barns with low ceilings.

  • Less heat and flies in summer
  • Low noise
  • Easy to install

DeLaval parlour fan PV600

Ceiling mounted fan in milking parlours to provide good air circulation. It also creates a wind speed which flies dislike and will avoid. This fan can be used in manual mode or it can be upgraded with a manual speed control EW 3.15, to adjust fan speed in response to measured actual temperature, for an environment not too cold or too warm.

DeLaval variable speed drive NFO

Cut energy costs by up to 70%. As the name suggests, DeLaval NFO varies the speed of the fans to ensure that they only work as much as necessary. Connected to temperature and humidity sensors, DeLaval NFO will automatically control fan speeds for an optimal barn environment. Not only will this slash power consumption, but it will also extend the lifetime of your fans.

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