Cow Cooling

When temperatures rise above 22°C, your cows’ comfort levels begin to drop and so does milk yield – by up to 25% in some cases. Cow Cooling delivers fan-driven hydration that penetrates the hair layer and gets through to the skin layer. This maximizes heat transfer and results in cooler, more comfortable, more productive cows.

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Cow Cooling in barns

To keep up the cows visits to the milking robot is of the utmost importance and one of the hardest things to maintain in hot summers. Our Cow cooling system for feedfence and waiting area in barns with automated milking systems includes sensors and sprinklers and a smart control system that keep the cows cool and moving and save energy and water for you.

  • Avoid heat stress
  • Save energy and water
  • Maintains the visits to the VMS
  • Full control
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Cow Cooling in barns

Key Benefits

Avoid heat stress

Cooling with water ensures avoiding heat stress and keeps your milk production on level. Losses due to heat stress can go as high as 25% and also the reproductive system is heavily affected. Cooling effectively avoids the heavy strain of heat stress on a cow and can help your cows reach their genetic potential.

Save energy and water

If you want to keep the body temperature of the cow on level you have to cool all day long, but this uses a large amount of water and electricity for the fans. With our usage of sensors we only cool the cows that are entering the waiting area or are at the zones at the feedfence. This way you can cool all day long and still save on your energy bill.

Maintains the visits to the VMS

With our system of cooling the cows it doesn’t matter which system you have; free flow or guided. We keep the cows motivated to eat and milk and rest. When the cows have rested and they start to get warm, they know they will be rewarded at the feedfence with cooling. And when they go milking we again reward the cow for behavior she wants to do anyway.

Full control

With the Barn system controller (BSC) we offer a smart control of your cooling system. With input of temperature and humidity in the barn, the BSC calculates the accurate heatstress level and you set the system when to turn on or off. And together with the (light beam) sensors you can divide the barn in different zones and start and stop your pre-programmed cooling cycles. This way you are always in control.

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