Milking points

DeLaval milking point controllers offer complete milking control at the push of a button. DeLaval milking points enable comfortable, yet streamlined routines with high cow flow, ensure udder health by delivering a complete fast milk out, and have highly visible status indicators for full parlour control at a glance.

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Milking points


DeLaval milking point MP130

DeLaval MP130 comes with a full range of take off functions for fine-tuning the milking session: for milk-out based on individual flows, or to maximize parlour throughput.

DeLaval milking point MP150

A cluster remover unit that’s in harmony with you and in tune with the latest technology. DeLaval milking point controller MPC100 series has a simple design with many functions for speedy and efficient work flow. Its compact construction is corrosion resistant and very durable. The fully integrated operator unit is designed for 24/7 use and fits every known kind of parlour.

DeLaval milking point MP170

A simple first step to herd management. Being the smarter brother of DeLaval MP150, this milking point will not only save you time and prevent over-milking. It’s the way to collect yields and cow number and build an accurate database to help you manage your herd in a simple way using DeLaval DelPro™ herd management software. This is not just a take off unit since it will give the milker herd related information. Sometimes less is more, the milker can easily relate to a few key functionalities instead of being confronted with more complexity. Although its design looks simple, DeLaval MP170 offers many useful features that help managing your herd such as sorting a cow on spot when she leaves the parlour. Together with animal identification and flow indication ( DeLaval FI7) or milk metering (DeLaval MM27BC) it ensures that you know which of your cows are producing best and can act quickly at any yield drop.

DeLaval milking point MP580

Used as an integrated stand alone automatic cluster remover, DeLaval MPC580 offers you efficient, simple and fast milking operation. This unit monitors milk yield, and indicates abnormal air entry into the cluster, when it is combined with DeLaval flow indicator FI5.

DeLaval milking point MP680

Having reliable data on every cow helps you to manage your herd so you can make the right decisions at the right time. Whatever your herd management challenges, the DeLaval milking point MP680 partnered with DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager software will be a key part of your success.

DeLaval milking point MP780

Created to give you full control over information on every cow. This superior streamlined milking point for full herd management can connect to ALPRO™ to give the milker access to all cow data. You can see and set the information such as treatment flags or “sort cow” on the spot. No need to go and change the status in the management program afterwards. DeLaval MP780 gives full DeLaval MP680 functionalities housed in a sleek, vertical, stainless steel cabinet for trouble-free operation and easy cleaning; and the quiet environment reduces milking stress for cows and milkers and allows faster milking routines. DeLaval MP780 is suitable for new installations or existing parlour upgrades, and comes pre-assembled for fast and easy installation with minimal production disturbance.

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