DeLaval VMS™

DeLaval VMS is much more than just a milking robot. No other robot on the market can harvest as much milk per days as the DeLaval VMS. The DeLaval VMS monitors and analysis’s cow health and performance while working as efficiently and safely as possible. Low energy costs, robust design, In-Service All Inclusive package and high performance milking, make the DeLaval VMS the ideal partner for you and your milking system.

  • Optimal performance
  • Effective herd management
  • Cows' welfare in focus
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DeLaval VMS™

Key Benefits

Optimal performance

The highest system capacity on the market delivers more milk per robot and per man-hour, and increases cow laying-down time.

Effective herd management

Control operations from wherever you are, and make the right decisions with readily available farm data.

Cows' welfare in focus

DeLaval VMS™ puts the cow at the forefront of operations, safeguarding herd health and improving lifetime milk production.

DeLaval VMS™


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