Milk filters

DeLaval quality milk filters have been developed to meet your highest expectations. Our milk filters’ main features include superior wet strength, maximum sediment retention and optimal flow rate.

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High quality

The wide range of DeLaval milk filters enables you to choose the most suitable solution for your milking equipment. All filters are food grade certified which means they are safe to use with milk.

The wet strength of DeLaval milk filters exceeds other brands by at least 2,5 times. That means that you can rely on the filters to not break even with high milk flow. They protect both your equipment and milk.

You can choose between our premium blue milk filters which provide excellent visibility in case of problems and regular white filters.

Milk filters


Premium Blue Milk Filters

DeLaval premium blue milk filters are specifically designed for farmers who want to get the most from the milk filtration process. As well as being extremely strong and offering exceptionally effective and efficient filtration, the blue background provides an extra milk quality check against mastitis as clots or flecks in the milk are easily visible.

  • Optimised flow rate
  • Superior wet strength
  • Maximum sediment retention
  • Milk quality indicator

DeLaval milk filter dispenser box MDB620

Milk filters should be stored in dry, clean and cool conditions, protected from dust, insects and moisture. The specially designed filter box protects your milk filters and keeps them handy.

Milk filter socks, white

DeLaval milk filters protect the milk quality. The unique, high technology filters keep foreign particles out of your milk, plate cooler and cooling tank. The assortment offers a wide range of milk filters to fit specific installation and farm conditions. All DeLaval milk filters are food grade certified and provide the ideal combination of sediment retention, flow rate and wet strength. Milk must be protected to ensure it is delivered free of dirt and solid waste products. Regularly replaced, quality milk filters protects the milk from these particles. Bits of dust, straw, manure, hair and insects will inevitably enter the milking system during milking.

DeLaval VMS® Milk Filters

Slots precisely into the DeLaval VMS® milk filter unit to efficiently filter out clots, flecks and dirt. This milk filter, made in DeLaval exclusive blue, non-woven, wet-laid material, helps to maintain high milk quality.

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