Plate coolers

Milk is refrigerated to maintain its quality for as long as possible, and to reduce the growth of bacteria. You can achieve more cost-efficiency in on-farm milk cooling if the milk is pre-cooled using well water through a heat exchanger – before it enters the milk tank for cooling by refrigeration. Both these cooling stages must work efficiently to maintain maximum milk quality.

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Pre-cooling to increase efficiency

By pre-cooling the milk, the cooling requirement of your collecting tank and thus the required amount of energy decreases. With the right size DeLaval plate cooler for your milk volume you can save up to 50% of your cooling energy costs.

Save the electricity

The colder your pre-cooling water, the more you save! Because the milk already flows into the tank pre-cooled, the cooling unit can be smaller and you save investment costs or your current unit runs less and you save electricity costs. Pre-cooling can be retrofitted into an existing milk cooling system at any time.

If your cows could talk...

Healthy cows with the best water intake have been proven to give more milk and therefore improve your milk production. By providing drinking water at the optimal temperature, you can increase the milk yield by up to 0.9 liters per day. In the pre-cooling process heated water is the ideal drinking water for your cows.

Plate coolers


DeLaval plate cooler BM

A plate cooler can cut refrigeration energy costs by up to 60% by reducing the cooling load on your bulk tank. DeLaval plate heat exchanger BM features a highly durable, precision-engineered stainless steel frame. It is designed for low to medium milk flow rates. Combined with easy to service clip-on gaskets, this range of stainless steel cooling plates optimizes milk pre-cooling efficiency.

DeLaval plate cooler M6

The M-Series plate heat exchangers, including MP3, M6 and M10, offer an easy, cost-effective way to reduce milk cooling time, lower energy expenses and improve milk quality no matter what the size of your operation.

  • Lower energy costs
  • Maintain milk quality
  • Reliable construction

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